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The Soul of Southern Rock…coming soon to
Public Television Stations nationwide.

In association with First Coast Films LLC, PineRidge TV is in development on

THE SOUL OF SOUTHERN ROCK - a series of one-hour specials that will explore what it was that kick started this musical genre, where it came from, the people who created it, and the power it still has to connect with people the world over. 

SOSR flat screen.png
A World War II journal uncovered in boxes of family keepsakes opens a whole new window into one soldier’s decorated military career.

“One Man’s War” shares the story of Major William J. Hicklin’s personal involvement in the European Theatre of Operations in World War II.  Serving as an engineering officer in the Army’s newly created

Troop Carrier Unit from 1941 til the end of the war, Hicklin’s journal reveals the crucial but often overlooked

434th Troop Carrier Command’s mission in achieving victory over an enemy that came close

to conquering the world.  This film is an endeavor to bring Major Hicklin’s journal to life and to salute the brave men and women with whom he served.  There were thousands of them, but this was “One Man’s War”.

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PineRidge is in development on a new signature health series -
“Health Explorers”. 

Every single day, somewhere in the world, a dramatic health breakthrough is happening…something that could take away suffering for thousands of people. So what’s the problem? It often takes months, even years for the information to see the light of day, much less be approved for actual life-saving treatment.

The mission of “Health Explorers” is to reveal the most compelling stories of health breakthroughs, innovative treatments, amazing medical discoveries, and the dramatic story-behind-the-story of the courageous health practitioners who  explore medical territory where no one has gone before.

Emerging technology startup, Agingo, has tapped into PineRidge’s ability to take complicated concepts and turn them into language everyone can understand.

Emerging Technology companies are booming! At the same time, they need help keeping their funding streams active and to do that, they need to be completely understood.  Words like “blockchain,” “machine language,” “Ethereum” can be a foreign language to the ultimate consumer. Here at PineRidge, we combine more than three decades of marketing and consumer advertising experience with a fresh understanding of emerging technology to produce “explainers” that motivate both investors and consumers.


See example below:

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PineRidge launching “New You Network”

New You Network…It’s a 24 / 7 streaming on-demand network available on any device, whenever and wherever you want. It’s the new “TV Home” for people looking for information, inspiration and ideas to simplify and improve their lives. Top experts in the fields of health, travel, life-coaching, style, food, parenting, money and success will provide fully-vetted information that you won’t find anywhere else. New You Network - the first totally trustworthy TV source for “life-improvement” content.